IPL Photofacial with Lumenis M22 光子嫩肤M22

IPL stands for intense pulse light, and it is a light based treatment to correct skin problems arising from sun exposure and aging. As the name suggests, the treatment relied on flashes of intense visible light to combat pigments that are different from your skin and refresh the skin to reverse the damage that is brought with sun exposure and aging. Using various light spectra, IPL can treat brown to dark skin pigmentation issues, such as sun spots, freckles, or age spots, and it can also treat pink to red pigments, such as telangiectasia, cherry hemangioma, or rosacea.

Although the most important consideration for your treatment is your provider, the technology or device makes a difference still. Lumenis M22 AOPT has proven to be one of the leading platforms for IPL. It stands out from the rest of IPL machines because of its versatility in spectrum selection, which means that you can tailor each treatment down to the smallest pigment change. Lumenis Stellar M22 also provides a high energy range for each spectrum, allowing for treatment of more skin types. The cooling technology ensures a safer treatment, especially for patients with darker skin. AOPT is a noval proprietary technology allows for stronger and layered multiple spectrum treatment in one pass, achieving faster results with shorter treatment time.


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